Optimal customisation

What is a configuration?

A configuration refers to adjustment of the hardware and software settings of a device to set it exactly according to the needs of the user. The µline enables our customers to configure their devices so that they are perfectly adjusted to the specific requirements and work processes.
Customised adjustment

Which products in the µline series can be configured individually to the customer?

Products in the first generation can be configured with our configuration software µline config, current and future products using µ2conifg.

What are the options in this case?

Depending on the product, there are diverse options for adjusting this to individual customer needs with a configuration. This customised adjustment can ensure that our customers have full control over there devices and are also able to achieve the best-possible output and efficiency.

The following aspects can be adjusted, for example

Radio type (T mode, C mode)

Radio interval

Transmission days

Sampling day

Device password

OMS key


Depending on the configuration, the battery and radio output can be observed. Because these are especially stressed.
We are happy to help you specify your optimised device configuration. This enables you to use µ2config or our configuration sheets.
The advantages

Configuration for top performance

Precise measurements

Using the configuration, you can ensure that your consumer data measurements correspond with maximum precision and therefore provide a reliable foundation for your energy management decisions.

Increased efficiency

Adjust the devices to your specific requirements to ensure efficient use of energy sources and to optimise costs, whereby the battery life span nevertheless remains in the focus.

Speedy adjustment

With the option to configure, you can quickly react to changing requirements, whether that means extensions, changes to energy needs, or new technological developments, and therefore make considerations for the effects on the batteries.