Consumption data recording

Remote read-out and walk-by methods in focus

Record consumption data efficiently and quickly with innovative read-out technologies in the age of progressive digitisation and networking. Our solutions use remote read-outs in combination with integrated data collectors, repeaters, and the mobile walk-by method to record consumption data without physical access to the metres. This makes the data up-to-date each day and available at all times, revolutionising your consumption data management process.
OMS remote read-out

How does remote read-out function?

To complete remote read-out of metres properly with µline products, a data collector (µgate²) and an additional repeater (µrep) for larger properties, as well as a consumption metre is also needed. The consumption values are collected by the metre and either sent directly to the data collector via OMS radio or to the data collector via repeater. The data collector then sends the data via APN mobile telephone network to our server, where it can be accessed via µportal.


Up-to-date daily
consumption data

follow-up costs

cost structure

Device failure is quickly recognisable, resulting in better planning for service employees

Possible intermediate billing at any time (e.g. in case renter changes)

Independent of manufacturer, OMS products from other manufacturers can be integrated


How does walk-by function?

The “walk-by” variation of mobile metre reading is a method to record consumption data from metres in apartments and commercial buildings without the need for physical access to the counters. This method is more efficient and time-saving than conventional methods, whereby a technician must enter the building and read the counter directly.
The technician uses our radio receiver WBF-1 and can collect all sent read-out values within transmission range without having to access the apartment or the property.

Difference to remote read-out

The remote read-out makes it possible via the integrated data collector to access the consumption data at any time and at any location. In case of the walk-by method, on the other hand, you need to be on-site to be able to read the consumption data with the WBF-1 OMS hand-held radio receiver. This concentrates mainly on reading consumption data from metres without extended network management functions.